P&P tattoo is the #1 tattoo studio in the Philippines. Come and experience the new style of INK by Myke Sambajon, Ronian Poe, Jake Cuerpo, Pablo Tobias and Sarah Gaugler in a relaxing tattoo environment. We use the best products and top quality instruments. Come check us out and get inked. Contact Info Email: pandptattoo@yahoo.com Office: 8908037 Street: Unit G8 Bel-Air Soho Condominium, 45 Polaris St., Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. Operating Hours are Mondays 12-8pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays 12-10pm, Sundays 2pm-9pm.

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14th October 2011

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P&P tattoo loyalty card!

P&P tattoo loyalty card!

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